Dr Vranjes Firenze Oud / home fragrance 500ml


Created in celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary, the Oud Nobile diffuser imparts the intensely elegant essence of agarwood, incense and Mediterranean orange blossom to soothe and unwind the spirit. Beautifully presented in a Florentine-style glass bottle, its intoxicating scent makes it perfect for placing in the living room.



Olfactory Pyramid: Neroli, Bergamot, Agarwood, myrrh and incense


Dr Vranjes is an italian exclusive luxurious home fragrance that blends a heavenly combination of essential oils. The beautiful signature glass bottle in which the scent is housed is a form inspired by, and carefully created to follow, the lines of the Duomo in Florence, Italy.

Every Dr Vranjes Firenze is a unique creation containing wisely dosed natural essences concentrated. The natural essence is, unlike synthetic elements, the core which makes each perfume unique, provides its active properties and associates them to the practice of aromatotherapy and aromatology.

It takes millions of flowers to produce a few grams of essential oil. They give life to the essence that is never identical with the crop of the previous years. This variable depends on the wonderful irreplaceable work of mother nature and makes Dr Vranjes home fragrances even more unique and precious. Each of Dr Vranjes ambient scents has the ability to enrich the home with a pure and unique mixture of perfumes. This global renowned luxury brand awaits to relax you in your ambient environment.