AGONIST PARFUMS White Lies / eau de parfum 50ml


eau de parfum

Sweet and seductive, Agonist Parfum’s White Lies eau de parfum is named for its tempting and enticing properties. Fresh and fruity opening notes of lemon, raspberry and lychee are reeled into a mysterious heart of jasmine, tuberose and heliotrope. A deep and sensual base of patchouli, orcanux and vanilla bring sophistication to the fragrance, offering an unforgettable element that is truly addictive.

White Lies refers to the most seductive of lies, where one is lured in by flattering words and comforting assurances. Any good seduction, though, holds a promise of a deeper truth. White Lies begins with beguiling charm, with a fresh, light veil of lemon and red fruits. Soon thereafter, the veil lifts to reveal a cocoon of soft jasmine flowers, their heady aromas floating on clouds of tuberose and sweet, powdery heliotrope. The delightful intoxication culminates with a soft, musky vanilla that whispers romantically, grounded in ambery Orcanox and a hint of Patchouli. The deception proves its worth once realized, and once enraptured.

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AGONIST is a Swedish fragrance brand featuring unisex fragrances, each one characterised by a combination of natural fragrances presented in handcrafted Swedish glass.

Every AGONIST fragrance is created in close collaboration with renowned perfumers dedicated to the traditional art of fine perfumery. Their painstaking work is then presented in individually sculptured Swedish glass, created in a unique collaboration with award-winning glass artist Åsa Jungnelius of world-renowned glassmakers, Kosta Boda. Furthermore, AGONIST only creates sustainable products and every detail is exclusively developed with environmental respect and a sustainable approach to the use of raw materials.

With respect for the ancient perfume maker’s craft and a commitment to compliment this through applying a contemporary approach and Scandinavian vision, AGONIST is a unique fragrance and the ultimate expression of timeless beauty.